Prismalcolors and OLD sketches

Gonna spam you guys with updates this winter break! First off i wont give you the whole run down of the past few weeks but here a few updates.


It's been like a month and a half since i back ordered these bad boys from the art store and i finally have them..*warm feeling inside* XD

And i had a half completed sketch lying around so i went ahead and finished it and came out like this
Not the best i know, but this is like my first time in 7 YEARS using colored pencils again (ok i may be exaggerating, but its been really long)

#2 Now, enough about me prismacolors, I went through all my old class notebooks from end of the school year 08" (about 8th grade for me) t'll december 9th and took out all the little sketches and things i made in them. Since i had so many i comprised a little book for myself.
(if you cant read it says "Old Sketches" summer "08"-december 9th "09")

A quick look though it you can see how i got a little better over this time.
The first image is a sketch of a few of my friends in Pokemon Ginjika form concepts for i comic i never got around to making, but i like the the concepts never the less. (this is back in June 08)

The next 2 are really early concepts of my OC Muneca
He turned out quite different, but thats what concepts are for. (done around the early summer or "08")

And the last one for this post are some stickers idea i came up with at CHURCH
EMOO...XD (but anyway done around the middle end of summer 08)
Already you see a small difference in my style :>


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