Animation,happy holidays, and more randomness

SO i finally got my hands on a copy of Flash again, and decided to try it out.

First animation i ever tried (like with characters and stuff)
Utter FAIL...
(go here to see it)

Well this was about 2 days ago and i tried another, this time more complicated.
MORE FAIL, but think im getting a little better. And i know it's out of sync.
(go here to see it)

(and for some odd reason, it syncs up on my computer when i play it, but when it plays here,
its all out of whack)
Also this is just a WIP (work in progress) Im working on it as we speak so far i've only been
working on it for about 3-4 hours.

OK on to the random news
I bought some STAR FRUIT!

unfortunately, i hate the way it tastes, its not sweet like imagined. But it's still pretty to look at

And also, I tried a Frappacheno (not sure if i spelled it right) for the first time
Looks kinda gross now cause its been sitting for a about half an hour, but it was pretty good! I don't even like coffee but i did like this! weird.

~Well thats all for now, Laters
Oh, and happy holidays!


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