Memories (continued)

continuing from where i left of (if you didnt read the last one go here)

I started off my 9th grade year alway doodling in pen, and i got pretty use to
not erasing because of it.

I also made a few OC's this year (including muneca and my fursona, which to this day i still have
not named....i just call her Red some times because i was a big tard and overdosed her design in a
big red color scheme. I'll change that someday.) The dude is just some random anthro and as you
can see i dont finish many of my doodles.

I also drew my OC A LOT this year (and im starting to do it a lot more now too)
Though you cant tell it from these sketches too much, he looks differnt every timei draw him and
from the time i created him now he's even "lost" that big scar i gave him. Below are the latest digital and traditional pictures i drawn of him.
He looks alot....less creepy?)maybe not so much the right image but you get me)

Moving on, over the summer i was in an art camp (if you know me on DA you know about it)
and i doodled a lot there too, but they gave me a sketch book! and i finally started to use one from then on.
The very 1st story board i ever made lol..

Billboard concepts on the right (they actually picked my character and billboard designs!) and doodly crap left

alright this cover some of my 9th grade year and some of the summer. I'll show you more next time :>