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DA and camp have been keeping me busy lately

Camp: Team Logo process

Ok, so as i said on DA im back at the media camp i attended last year. This year they split us into teams and gave each team an actor, designer/graphic artist, film maker, leader, and some other stuff (and of course these where still the students but with these specific talents). Well i was the designer/graphic artist of my group and my first assignment was to create a logo out of our team name (that i had no part in creating). Here is how i went about it.

Step 1; quick concept sketches
The group (excluding me) came up with the team name of "A1 Productions" since a lot of our assignments will be centered around film making. So i went off into the computer lab and got to work on some very rough ideas done in about 10-12 mins.

I came back to the team with them and they really leaned toward numbers 4,5,and 6 the most. So i decided to flesh out on those.

Step 2: Fleshing out concepts
So i went back to work and made more detailed designs of numbers 4 and 6. It so happens that my group need the computer lab and they came in and saw what i already had done.
They where really happy with those 2 they did totally threw number 6 out the window (which was cool with cause it was less work for me). I wasn't done though. The group was kinda torn between both of them and really couldn't make a decision on which one should be the final so some one suggested that i some how put them together and so i did.

Step 3: final sketch
This was the final product before the process of coloring on the computer. Im pretty happy with it.

Step 4: The FINAL product
And here we are at the end with a final logo for the group. They kind let me have create freedom with the colors and when i went back and showed them this today everyone was good with it.