Chibi Commissions

DA and camp have been keeping me busy lately

Camp: Team Logo process

Ok, so as i said on DA im back at the media camp i attended last year. This year they split us into teams and gave each team an actor, designer/graphic artist, film maker, leader, and some other stuff (and of course these where still the students but with these specific talents). Well i was the designer/graphic artist of my group and my first assignment was to create a logo out of our team name (that i had no part in creating). Here is how i went about it.

Step 1; quick concept sketches
The group (excluding me) came up with the team name of "A1 Productions" since a lot of our assignments will be centered around film making. So i went off into the computer lab and got to work on some very rough ideas done in about 10-12 mins.

I came back to the team with them and they really leaned toward numbers 4,5,and 6 the most. So i decided to flesh out on those.

Step 2: Fleshing out concepts
So i went back to work and made more detailed designs of numbers 4 and 6. It so happens that my group need the computer lab and they came in and saw what i already had done.
They where really happy with those 2 they did totally threw number 6 out the window (which was cool with cause it was less work for me). I wasn't done though. The group was kinda torn between both of them and really couldn't make a decision on which one should be the final so some one suggested that i some how put them together and so i did.

Step 3: final sketch
This was the final product before the process of coloring on the computer. Im pretty happy with it.

Step 4: The FINAL product
And here we are at the end with a final logo for the group. They kind let me have create freedom with the colors and when i went back and showed them this today everyone was good with it.

Memories (continued)

continuing from where i left of (if you didnt read the last one go here)

I started off my 9th grade year alway doodling in pen, and i got pretty use to
not erasing because of it.

I also made a few OC's this year (including muneca and my fursona, which to this day i still have
not named....i just call her Red some times because i was a big tard and overdosed her design in a
big red color scheme. I'll change that someday.) The dude is just some random anthro and as you
can see i dont finish many of my doodles.

I also drew my OC A LOT this year (and im starting to do it a lot more now too)
Though you cant tell it from these sketches too much, he looks differnt every timei draw him and
from the time i created him now he's even "lost" that big scar i gave him. Below are the latest digital and traditional pictures i drawn of him.
He looks alot....less creepy?)maybe not so much the right image but you get me)

Moving on, over the summer i was in an art camp (if you know me on DA you know about it)
and i doodled a lot there too, but they gave me a sketch book! and i finally started to use one from then on.
The very 1st story board i ever made lol..

Billboard concepts on the right (they actually picked my character and billboard designs!) and doodly crap left

alright this cover some of my 9th grade year and some of the summer. I'll show you more next time :>


I just recently found out about a site called "Bobsmade"
and it features a girl with some amazing skills

Not only is she a really talented artist
(and these are just a few examples)

She ALSO customize lots of things from shoes, to glasses and more!

You have got to check this girl out.
(click the picture below to get to the main site)

all imagies are copyright to bobsmade are are not allowed to be used or manipulated with out permission

Stickers ♥

A friend of mines birthday is comeing so i decided why not make something he can actually use. SO i made him some stickersssssss:


Since my sticker press thing recently broke, i had to order a new one. Once it comes i'll upload some pics of the stickers in real life. oh and happy valentines day. ~♥

Animation,happy holidays, and more randomness

SO i finally got my hands on a copy of Flash again, and decided to try it out.

First animation i ever tried (like with characters and stuff)
Utter FAIL...
(go here to see it)

Well this was about 2 days ago and i tried another, this time more complicated.
MORE FAIL, but think im getting a little better. And i know it's out of sync.
(go here to see it)

(and for some odd reason, it syncs up on my computer when i play it, but when it plays here,
its all out of whack)
Also this is just a WIP (work in progress) Im working on it as we speak so far i've only been
working on it for about 3-4 hours.

OK on to the random news
I bought some STAR FRUIT!

unfortunately, i hate the way it tastes, its not sweet like imagined. But it's still pretty to look at

And also, I tried a Frappacheno (not sure if i spelled it right) for the first time
Looks kinda gross now cause its been sitting for a about half an hour, but it was pretty good! I don't even like coffee but i did like this! weird.

~Well thats all for now, Laters
Oh, and happy holidays!

Prismalcolors and OLD sketches

Gonna spam you guys with updates this winter break! First off i wont give you the whole run down of the past few weeks but here a few updates.


It's been like a month and a half since i back ordered these bad boys from the art store and i finally have them..*warm feeling inside* XD

And i had a half completed sketch lying around so i went ahead and finished it and came out like this
Not the best i know, but this is like my first time in 7 YEARS using colored pencils again (ok i may be exaggerating, but its been really long)

#2 Now, enough about me prismacolors, I went through all my old class notebooks from end of the school year 08" (about 8th grade for me) t'll december 9th and took out all the little sketches and things i made in them. Since i had so many i comprised a little book for myself.
(if you cant read it says "Old Sketches" summer "08"-december 9th "09")

A quick look though it you can see how i got a little better over this time.
The first image is a sketch of a few of my friends in Pokemon Ginjika form concepts for i comic i never got around to making, but i like the the concepts never the less. (this is back in June 08)

The next 2 are really early concepts of my OC Muneca
He turned out quite different, but thats what concepts are for. (done around the early summer or "08")

And the last one for this post are some stickers idea i came up with at CHURCH
EMOO...XD (but anyway done around the middle end of summer 08)
Already you see a small difference in my style :>