sketchy artzz

Playin around in photoshop i turned this

into this,

It's still a WIP but i really wanted to share my progress. I really like this :>

Youmacon T shirt design process

Just for fun and the fact that i was a bit bored, i decided to show how i made my t'shirt for Youmacon.


This was the first design i came up with, trust me, it looked a lot better in my head then what came out on paper. i really need to work on my perspective..
This of course wasn't going to be the final product, it would have a block box border around it, with white bold text the read "ANIME", but i scraped this idea before i even got to that stage.

Second design i came up with. Pretty much an animeish version of myself, and i actually like how it came out. Enough to actually line art and put flat colors on. (right) I used on of my favorite artist Endling as a reference for this one. But then i got a better idea just listing to some music after i got out of school just 2 days after.

Finally i got something down i really like! I was inspired by NanoJAM for this one, dude has some serious skills when it comes poses and stuff, really knows how to show off a charters, but enough about that. I drew and finished the lineart art all in the same night (boy that took a while X<)

Now here i sketched out the deign of the words. I decided to keep the whole "ANIME" text thing from the first design, and this i what i came up with. I messed up (long story how) and spelled anime wrong...nice. but i was able to fix it in photoshop. And yes that is Chinese work above that, i did all that in Chinese class.

after all the tediousness of linearts and coloring, i finally finished (the words)
put them together, add a glow and an exclamation point and tada!
How i made my shirt :D

Keychains X>

I actually forgot to post these pictures, excited about the con on this past saturday and all.
Anywho i made a few keychains :> Arent they cute?
This is the first batch i made, i ended up giving them to my little sis, she loves mario and pokemon, i just added the sonic head and invincicandy from kirby to even it out, they are pretty small.
This is all of them i've made so far, my favorite by FAR is the lucario plush (original image found here at my DA page ->

If anyone like them, comment here send me a note on DA or email me, i might think about doing little commissions for these things,
they aren't hard to make or ship.