Youmacon T shirt design process

Just for fun and the fact that i was a bit bored, i decided to show how i made my t'shirt for Youmacon.


This was the first design i came up with, trust me, it looked a lot better in my head then what came out on paper. i really need to work on my perspective..
This of course wasn't going to be the final product, it would have a block box border around it, with white bold text the read "ANIME", but i scraped this idea before i even got to that stage.

Second design i came up with. Pretty much an animeish version of myself, and i actually like how it came out. Enough to actually line art and put flat colors on. (right) I used on of my favorite artist Endling as a reference for this one. But then i got a better idea just listing to some music after i got out of school just 2 days after.

Finally i got something down i really like! I was inspired by NanoJAM for this one, dude has some serious skills when it comes poses and stuff, really knows how to show off a charters, but enough about that. I drew and finished the lineart art all in the same night (boy that took a while X<)

Now here i sketched out the deign of the words. I decided to keep the whole "ANIME" text thing from the first design, and this i what i came up with. I messed up (long story how) and spelled anime wrong...nice. but i was able to fix it in photoshop. And yes that is Chinese work above that, i did all that in Chinese class.

after all the tediousness of linearts and coloring, i finally finished (the words)
put them together, add a glow and an exclamation point and tada!
How i made my shirt :D


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