About 7 friends and i went to youmacon today, we had a blast and took SO MANY pictures!
Here are a few of my favs(lots of red eye pics ahead, crappy camera)

First off are the things i got from the con (below, minus the sonic messenger bag) yeah not much, but i wasn't there to get souvenirs.

here are Nights and Reala, arent then awesome! Perfect poses and amazing costumes.
OKAMI!!im mad i didnt get a picture of her back, the divine instrument was perfect!
Its a heartless ( i think, i know nothing about kingdom hearts..)
and last but not least Meta knight. Im in love with this one! i'd never though i'd see him here XD

There are lost more pics i took, (like a smoking kind dedede, Nova from bleach, Gatomon and war Greymon hugging)but i dont want to spam you with em, so enjoy!